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What is Blankett?

Blankett is an innovative solution for broadband internet, providing fast, secure and usable service where fibre, fixed line or satellite can’t be relied on.

‘The solution is quick to deploy and remove, providing you with an internet solution in hours rather than days or months.’

Blankett broadband provides:

We provide you with secure, reliable, fast and instantaneous broadband internet to fulfil all your needs; Streaming, surfing, browsing, uploading/downloading large files and data. You can video message and use voice-over data applications such as Skype and WhatsApp, all with the comfort of a managed service that will ensure you are always connected.


Remote/rural locations:

  • Farms
  • Rural business units
  • Rural communities and businesses
  • Large estates and houses
  • Campsites
  • Marinas

Blankett is able to provide coverage even if you cannot currently obtain a 4G signal on your mobile phone. An external high-gain receiver is used to attract 4G Signal, even if a mobile cell-site is miles away. Line-of-sight is not needed.

If your ISDN or DSL line is slow and unreliable, contact us and we will be able to provide you with Broadband speeds on par with mainstream Broadband providers.

Just contact us with your address and postcode and we will confirm if we can provide you with signal or not.

Building & Construction Sites

If you need Broadband connectivity before a spade has been put in the ground then contact us.

Blankett can provide broadband long before any services are due to be delivered and installed. Blankett has only a three-day delivery time from the point of order, so your site office can be up and running in no time.

Even if your site, marketing suite or business still uses an ISDN or DSL line, it’s all the same to us, we’ll get you connected. Broadband signal can also be relayed through a WIFI router, enabling engineers to have connectivity whilst out on site.

Short term contracts are available, so speak to us and get connected.

Business Solutions

Blankett 4G Broadband can provide coverage for whatever and whenever you need connectivity, be it laptops, servers or connected remote devices.

Blankett has a history of providing Broadband solutions for:

  • Security connectivity
  • Remote industrial units/works
  • Solar Farms, treatment works etc.
  • Commercial payment requirements

Blankett provides you with a managed service solution and ensures that your Business is always connected.

Disaster Recovery Resilience/Fail Safe

If connectivity is critical to your business, let Blankett safely look after you. Blankett can provide an automatic switchover solution to ensure your business is always connected.

For a small monthly subscription the solution can ensure that your business is always on-line and connected.

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Festivals, Special Events, Film Sets, Fairs

Blankett has been specialising in events for a number of years providing broadband connectivity to enable merchants to take payment, orders and much more.

Blankett can provide secure VPN solutions for dedicated users or VIP guests.

Contact us with your requirements and let us provide you with connectivity.

The solution can be deployed the day before an event and taken down on day or the day after with no digging or trenches required. Connectivity can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Contact us and ensure your event is connected.

Blankett Supporting Mental Health in Farming & Agriculture

Blankett believe that connectivity for remote Farmers is the key to helping reduce the issues with mental health in the Farming/Agriculture community which have been widely reported in the national press: understanding rural mental health problems, suicide in the farming community, investigating a farming taboo and health in rural areas.

Blankett is working closely with the Farmers Safety Foundation and to ensure the remote farming community is digitally connected and enabling charities and organisations to support them.

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